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Updates to Yahoo! Mail Classic

Chances are you noticed the Address Book tab's new name-Contacts. And your Bulk folder's new label—Spam. Well, get ready: Advancements in Yahoo! Mail Classic run much deeper. Like automatically saving drafts for you in case you lose your Internet connection or power. Streamlined adding and downloading attachments. Better performance. And arriving shortly, free stationery. All this along with better performance and the same secure inbox, unlimited storage, and the easy access you love.

Notice Some Differences?

You’re going to notice a few more refinements in Yahoo! Mail Classic. Here’s what you can expect to see, and how to adjust according to your style.

Image Blocking | BACK TO TOP

When you want to open an important email, the last thing you want is to wait for slow-loading images. Especially since they may be unnecessary, they’re sometimes offensive, and they can contain web beacons—invisible tags that inform spammers that your address is active.

So, by default Yahoo! Mail Classic blocks all images in emails. But you can decide which (if any) images are displayed. To view images in an individual email, click the Show Images button. Or set SpamGuard to treat images differently: Click Options, select Mail Options, and click Spam Protection under “Spam.”

Note: We recommend selecting “Show images only from my contacts and certified senders.” That way, you see the stuff you want—and skip the stuff you don’t.

Flagging Messages | BACK TO TOP

Now it is even easier to flag your messages for follow up. Just click the dot to the left of the sender’s name. Or, if you’ve opened the message, just click the gray flag in the upper-left of the message header. You can also still flag messages by checking the box next to the message, and then click the Mark button and select Flag for Follow Up.

To see all your flagged messages at the top of your Inbox (or any other folder), click on the flag at the top of the flag column.

Forwarding As Attachment | BACK TO TOP

Windows users can still forward a message as an attachment by holding down the Ctrl button on the keyboard and clicking on Forward. Mac users should hold down the Apple Key before clicking on Forward.

Personal Folder Order | BACK TO TOP

We changed the order of folders so that capital letters no longer appear first in the folder list to integrate more seamlessly with the All-new Yahoo! Mail. You may need to change folder names to list them the way you want. Fortunately this is easier now. Just click the folder name and click Rename next to the folder name at the top of the page.

Signature | BACK TO TOP

Now you can see where and how your signature will appear each time you compose a message. If you don’t want to include a signature, just delete the signature the way you delete any other text in an email. Or, if you’d rather not include a signature in any of your emails, click Options, select Mail Options, and under “Management,” click Signature.

This is a sampling of some notable features we've been refreshing. Take a look at the complete list of changes here.